The mission of the foundation is to help and encourage healing in children (and indirectly their families) in hospitals or other difficult situation through making friends, learning new languages,playing and being creative, with the help of our Amigos (our university student volunteers). learn and grow friendships with them.

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Hospital visits

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med. habil. Dr Erőss Loránd PhD- General Director and Chief Resident

The Amigos for the Children Foundation brings joy into an environment where sadness and doubtfulness fill the lives of our little patients and their families. Amigos fulfills a basic necessity that would be otherwise lacking. Happiness, big smiles and an environment where our patients are allowed to forget about their burdens is brought back into the hospital rooms. This simoultaneously lifts the hearts of parents too, as, when they see how important their child is, not only to them, but to others as well, they can fill themselves with newfound energy, cheeriness and hope. They can even find time for themselves, so that they can truly support their child’s recovery to the fullest extent.

In 10 years there should, and will, be Amigos in all 46 of Hungary’s hospitals. Nowhere in the world does healthcare function without the work of volunteers, only in places where society is so underdeveloped that people can only focus on their own survival, not that of others.

Anikó, Blanka and Vencel’s Mom

Both my children are big fans of the Amigos sessions. I am so pleased with the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the Amigos girls and boys. The goal, the purpose, the desire to help… Because of Amigos, all of these are prominent features in the lives of my children! We need support for such initiatives! I hope more and more people will hear about Amigos.

Schanc Tünde, General Manager Appy Centrum

Working with Amigos is inspiring, effective and educational- even for a more experienced person.

The message of Amigos is ever so important, not only because it tells university students that next to their studies they should connect to something based on positive values, but also because it indicates that an important cause can be grown into an even long-term, actual career opportunity.

In 10 years Amigos will surely be present in all of the major European cities/ capitals, but I would not be surprised if it had spread outside of Europe. 🙂 As they say, one day there will be an Amigo next to every sick child. 😉

Mező Bálint, Management Local Community Engagement LEGO

My collaborative work with Amigos has been built on innovation and trust. They are agile and professional, they value transparency and because of their creativity they have been able to continuously come up with new and exciting projects. It’s very easy to work together with such a professional foundation. We have able to get thousands of children to learn through playing and my only hope is that one day there really will be an Amigo next to every sick child.